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The Withdrawal


Fingers, tongue, words, needles, teeth, cock, nails, fists, lips, blades, ideas, images. It’s not the way he penetrates her that disturbs her; it’s the way…

New Series

The Good Shepherd – Part 3


“They’re such fucking sods,” said Melissa, the admin for Room 237. “Such fucking, fucking sods.” Tanya hadn’t really been listening. They were walking up Oxford Street, apparently against a tide of oncoming foot traffic. Tanya loved the flow of crowds. People moved differently in crowds. Like flocks of birds, heaving…

The Good Shepherd – Part 2


Tuesdays were known as ‘Cluster Fuck Tuesdays:’ dedicated to assessing system-identified data clusters and strategizing changes to the algorithms when the system spit out nonsensical results. For Tanya, the morning started at five with a run around Regent’s Park. When she was satisfied that her blood was pumping, she purposefully…

The Good Shepherd – Part 1


On her knees, face buried in her folded hands, Tanya waited for the flip of the switch that would shut off her brain and engage her body. But, no matter how hard the burly stranger fucked her, it just wouldn’t come.  It was a measure of her desperation to be…