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The Laughing Man


Men don’t cry like women. I’ve always thought that most of the ways in which people say that men and women are different was bullshit.…

Portals – 1


At the age of 32, Jeb noticed his life had been a series of portals. Looking back, he could count them off on his fingers.…



“Let me call you Daddy,” I said. There was nothing but hiss of a bad digital connection. The screen’s cold glow cast harsh shadows across…

New Series

If In Some Distant Place – Part 3


Robert and Nuria walked back towards Lam Son Square, down the night-time chaos of Dong Khoi street. “Thanks for that,” Robert said, after a considerable silence.  “Madam Dai is one hell of a character. If she were ten years younger, I would have been tempted to seduce her.” “I’m pretty…

If In Some Distant Place – 2


The food Madam Dai had ordered without consultation arrived. On the table cluttered with greasy glasses, snake specimen jars and overflowing ashtrays, there were small plastic plates, each with a shoddy sample of Vietnamese cuisine. Wise enough not to partake herself, she replenished her glass in the murky jar. Like…

If In Some Distant Place – 1


“The irony was, I’d imagined the Revolution would be exciting and romantic,” said Madam Dai, fiddling with the gaudy jade ring on her fat middle finger, “But it turned out to be drab and incredibly boring.” Robert pursed his lips to stifle his smile. He couldn’t recall a time in…