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Recipe: Pad Thai


Here’s a pdf guide to making Pad Thai with Shrimp. Right-click to save.  

I Am Charlie, Uncomfortably: The Price of Free Discourse

Offensive? Yes, of course it is. Your choice is to ignore it, dismiss it, or execute the cartoonist?

“To hold a pen is to be at war.”  Voltaire In the wake of the murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine offices, there has been shock, mourning and much passionate debate. It is sad that it takes the assassination of a group of French satirical cartoonists to prompt a serious discussion of…

Ask Better Questions

Kristina Lloyd, whose novel Undone has just been published (and is phenomenally well-written – buy it), has been doing the blog tour thing. Today, Anna Sky hosted an interesting post by Kristina: “Do Women Prefer Erotica?” Whether you’re a reader or a writer of erotica, it’s worth your while to read it. At the end,…

A Good Man is Dead.

A good man is dead. And it feels like there should be some mechanism by which I can scream that at the sky loud enough to tear the universe apart. A good man is dead and everything should stop now. No jokes should be told, no flowers should bloom, no wine drunk except in the…

A Writer’s Seduction

tunnel (1)

This is an erotic story about stories, about writing, about writers and readers. If you came to this page believing yourself safe or immune to my seduction, perhaps it is because you need to. Perhaps you are a lover who wants to be taken and ravished. Perhaps you hope to come away believing yourself the…

Labels, Tribes and the Beauty of Singularities.

I cannot write you. I try and fail. I try, I fail and I’m a butcher. Me I’ve had some ongoing conversations, and I’ve offended some people recently, because I’ve refused the label ‘bisexual’. I want to take the opportunity to explain why and to acknowledge that for some people these words matter greatly, and…

Shooting Molly

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Molly Moore wrote a post about photographing and being photographed nude. On twitter, she joked that she was proud to say she’d taken my cherry. Because it was the first time I’d ever photographed a willing, nude model. I’ve shot performance art that contained nudity, but that’s different; they are already offering up what they…