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Please note that I put my fiction online, for free, in order to initiate a dialogue with readers. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to comment after you read. If you don’t bother, then sooner or later, I will decide there’s no point in posting. I’ll just bundle them into anthologies and sell them.

(F/F, no sex)

Not One Before The Other
(No sex)

Three Times Lucky

Jouissance Précoce
(M/f, Coming of age, needles)

Stone, Memory and Want
(Not erotic)

Nathalie’s Tailor
(M/F, cutting)

Pleasure’s Apprentice
(M/f D/s)



Amanda, Agnus Dei
(M/f, blasphemy)

Heat Sink
(M/f, caning)

Spring in the Night
(masturbation, stranger)

The Limits of Possession

(M/f, D/s, non-con, sharing)

I Waited for You by the River of Time
(M/f, rough sex)

One Word
(Parable, M/F)

Dark Garden
(D/s, M/f)

The Stand In

Amnesia’s Heart

Salt of the Earth
(parable, no sex)

Escape Velocity

Visitors From Japan
(tentacles, bukakke)


Motorcycle Hug
(Romantic m/f)

The Perfect Foreigner
(M/F, Romantic)


(M/F, Cutting)

Pleasure’s Apprentice
(M/f, D/s)

Tourist (4 parts)


What You Want
(M/f, rough sex)

(voyeurism, m/f)

Ghost Marks
(D/s, Cutting, M/f)

The Virtue of Patience
(public sex, control, F/m)

10 Legs Good, 2 Legs Bad
(Twitfic)(sci-fi, humour)

Not in the Manual
(Twitter Fiction)

Real Woman
(femdom, F/m)

Night Shift
(Phone sex, D/s, Femdom)

Once Bitten
(Just a kiss)

Winter Kimono

(Violence, Non-con, m/f)

Personal Jesus
(Phone sex, m/f)

The Tower
(M/F incest)

And The Meek Shall Inherit
(supernatural, m/f)

Karaoke Night(Hers)
(m/f – female POV)

Karaoke Night(His)
(m/f – male POV)

Grown Up Games
(D/s, spanking, M/f)

On A Very Dry Afternoon in Early Summer
(M/f, rape)

The Pipe of Thorns
(M/F, magical realism)

Kiss of Fire
(M/F, branding)

(Paranormal, F/M)

(F/M opentexted)

The Quitter

(Just plain strange)

Penny Red
(Romantic, f/f)

Pattern Passion
(Masturbation, fetish)

Questions and Answers

Ojects of Pleasure
(historical, sex toys. m/f)

Not About Flowers
(first time, m/f)

Better Left Unsaid
(spanking, age-play, m/f)

(voyeur, fetish, m/f)

(Supernatural, fantasy, f/m)

Mr. Charles and the Gold Digger
(D/s, M/f)

The Ship’s Figurehead
(Noire, m/f humour)

Inside The Pride

New Model
(sci-fi, m/machine)

The Other Side
(historical fantasy, anal, m/f)

(supernatural, m/f)

River Mother
(supernatural, m/f)

(D/s, spanking, M/f)

  161 comments for “Online Erotic Fiction

  1. Teju
    November 26, 2017 at 6:00 am

    Hi RG,

    I started reading erotica with your work, and I’ve read quite a bit now – from many websites, books and blogs.
    But, I keep returning to your work… because your writing tugs on my emotions at a deeper level. Your stories have a such a tender and beautiful aftertaste (?) to them…

    Thank you!

  2. Kyle
    December 5, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Very poetic. Please continue writing 🙂

  3. Ankhe
    January 9, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    I really want to thank you for writing all of these because gosh how long had I been searching for this.
    I’m a french speaker even if fluent in english but nor in french could I find something like that.
    In the librairies, I could only find naive romance stories and on the internet deceiving plain ones. I was searching for erotism and erosion and could only find adolescent or tragic romance or porn, and so whatever the language.
    So, again, thank you for your work. I just found it and I think I could spend the day reading it all and then have conversation with my self about it haha.
    I’ve read two of your non-consensual stories this far and loved the way you managed it. Most people hide the disturbing feelings it bring and where it finds it foundation by putting some cliché scenes with rape/bdsm and just concentrating on sex. It seemed to me as though even if you don’t approuve or justify the act, you showcase the things that makes the reader uncomfortable. I think for a lot of people that non-consent turn on, these disturbing feelings and thought are what turn us on, not the straps and leathers or some ”stop it” plain talk.
    You have such a way of showcasing feelings and thoughts, in all the types of stories you write, this is exactly what I – and probably a lot of people – need, cause it’s not the simple view of sex that arouse us.
    So thank you again, for your work and for sharing it cost-free, I’ll continue following it and comment, hope I wasn’t too long and that it wasn’t too much of a bother to read.

  4. Michael
    January 18, 2018 at 3:03 am

    You need not post this comment. Your prose is delightful to read. You paint a vivid picture, put the reader in the moment, and move your story without wasting words. As an American, I would add a hyphen here and there, and we use “led” as the past tense of “lead.” Maybe a proofreader would help, but you are good at what you do. Keep up the spinning of these delightful and sexy yarns.

    • January 28, 2018 at 10:09 pm

      A proofreader would definitely help. Are you volunteering?

  5. Sharan Krystyniak
    January 18, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Please don’t stop posting your writing. It reminds me of who I once was, long ago. I’m 65 now, settled. But there was a time, long ago.
    You are a beautiful writer. Thank you.

  6. January 21, 2018 at 11:11 am

    I’ve been looking for good erotica reads and after reading some of your writings, I am very impress and love your work! Your work is not as cliques as other works. I enjoy reading them and hope that you would continue writing them. Thank you for your hard work!

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