‘Hurt Me Good’ by RedBud @ The Erotic Writer

I am totally lacking in grace when in comes to accepting compliments. I’m at a loss as to how to respond appropriately. However, I can’t let this particular compliment go unacknowledged; it would be simply unforgivable to let it go.

Will Crimson (RedBud) has written a story called ‘Hurt Me Good‘, which he says was inspired by my short piece, ‘What You Want’. Here’s an excerpt:

I turn over. “Give me a smoke.”

He taps out a cigarette and lights it with his own.

“Bring it over,” I say.

“Come get it,” he says.

“Bring it over. My ass is sore.”

He likes that. I can see it in the crook of his lips. He likes that a lot. So he brings it over. I didn’t need a fucking cigarette. I just wanted to find out. He’s hard.

“You don’t need to live like this,” he says, giving me the cigarette along with the one thing no woman wants from a man: advice.

“That’s rich coming from you,” I say.

Hurt Me Good, by William Crimson

I know it would be polite to say that it’s a good piece of writing. The fact is, it IS a good piece of writing. The dialogue is natural and fractured – the way real people speak to each other. The characters are intriguingly complex and yet still opaque – making the reader want to know both of them better. It’s a particularly open text; you don’t get a lot of explanation or answers. And for me, that’s really good writing, because it asks the reader to engage, to fill in the gaps, to commit to the text: to be there, in the text.

If I had anything at all to do with inspiring this, then I’m extremely proud. I wish I’d written it myself. And I guess that’s my deepest form of compliment back.

Anyway, do yourself a favour and go and read ‘Hurt Me Good‘ over a  ‘The Erotic Writer‘ blog. You won’t be sorry.

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