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Sex in the Library

My apologies for not posting this fun collection of stories back up sooner. These stories were written in response to the Sex in the Library Challenge that I posed a while back. All the rights to the stories appearing on this site are held exclusively by the author and appear here with permission. Please comment…


I sit in the corner of the room, shadowed from the blades of late afternoon sun split by the blinds. But the couple on the bed are bisected light and dark, zebra flesh moving, tangling, meeting in the still air. Her long hair, artfully two-toned, mixes metaphor with the lighting. The muscles beneath her pleasantly…

Some comments are just too…too…too!

I do get the very occassional nasty comment. They are rare, actually. But considering what I write is pretty tame compared to, say, most literary fiction writers, it amuses me when a really good one comes along.

Remember ‘The Exorcist?” The voice that Linda Blair spoke with when her head twirled around and she said: “Your mother sucks cocks in hell“?

Dawn, Lust & Mortality

dawnT.S. Eliot said that
“Midnight shakes the memory as
a madman shakes a dead geranium

For me it’s dawn. I’m not scared of the dark. I find it enclosing and comforting, but that very first light… I hate what it does inside my skull. As if, with those first rays, the full weight of my own mortality slams down upon me like an enormous dusty tome containing the history of some extinguished civilization notable only for its idiosyncrasies.

Identity, Projections & Betrayal

photo by Robert D Bruce

For those of you who have been reading me a while, you’ll notice that I’ve been a little fictionally quiet of late here. There are a lot of things that have contributed to this.

The whole site/blog fiasco was a big distraction, of course, but I was being somewhat subdued before that. Also, I’ve been doing some writing of a private nature.

Finally, I’ve been looking over my work and having some serious discussions with myself on the subject of identity: mine, my characters’, and the way I see the people I know through this medium.

The Place of the Narrator in Erotic Fiction

I just got asked a number of questions on writing erotica.  The requirement was for nice concise answers and one of the things that defeated me was my attempt to discuss the place of the narrator in erotic writing. In any piece of writing, there is a three-way going on between the reader, the story…

This New Home

Well, it’s taken me a couple of days, and some of the smaller series are still missing, but this is going to be my new blog home, as well as the repository form my writing. Although it was something of a shock to find out that someone hated me with such intense vemon, that they…

More Podcasting

I’m very pleased to announce that Amanda has kindly read Chapters One & Two of The Illustrated Teacher. Powered by Powered by Or you can visit my Podbean Page and download them. If you’d like to read along, the series is housed here

Podcasts & Good Erotica

Nobilis Read, of Nobilis Erotica Podcast, has made an animated and very entertaining version of my erotic satire “The Other Side.” If you’d like to read along with it, the original story is here. Please take the time to listen to some of Nobilis’ other wonderful pieces of audio erotica. He’s got a special touch…

What Men Want

In responding to my post on writing erotica for men, Sinner, of Black As My Soul,  has written really good survey of the pieces of erotic lit that stood out in his mind, and a dissection of what made them good. Very worth your reading time. Erotica and What Men Want, One Man’s Theory