Podcasted: The Waiting Room, Chapter 1

“…It was the noise that woke her. Not the insects or pinging, but a sound that was utterly out of place in the environment–the stuttered rip of a zipper. She opened her eyes to see him looking at her again but, this time, he didn’t look away. His face was unreadable as she watched him…

Podcasted: Part 1 of My Bloody Valentine.

@WarriorYoda was kind enough to lend her voice and read the first part of the piece of twitterfiction Monocle and I were playing with: My Bloody Valentine (A Romance of Sorts). Please go and visit Monocle’s Podcast page to listen. I think that you will agree: it’s wonderful – she’s got the perfect voice for…

Podcasted: The Virtue of Patience

Having no quiet place to record podcasts, I have been a little quiet for the last month. However, Nobilis Reed, of Nobilis Erotica, whose own excellent podcast feed resides at http://nobilis.libsyn.com/,very generously volunteered to do some reading for me and has made a wonderful recording of The Virtue of Patience. On January 2nd, 2009, Jeremy…

Click – Podcasted

Lying on his belly in the middle of a rice paddy, Carl showed the new trainee, Sovann, how to come at the anti-personnel mine, partially embedded in the muck, at a 30 degree angle and gently touch the knife tip to the side of the box, feeling for give. The young man, sweating as profusely…

Ghost Marks – Podcasted

With one slender finger, Rachel pushed the crystal king onto its side with a click. It rocked back and forth on its round base on the marble chessboard.

Her father’s eyes flitted over the chessboard, tracing lines of power. “What the hell do you think your doing?”

Podcast Link http://remittancegirl.libsyn.com/

Reading for Nobilis & Other Newsy Stuff

I’ve been quiet of late. This is mostly because my new semester is looming like a vulture and I’m having to do a lot of prep for it. However, three bits of news. I was very honoured to be asked by Nobilis to read his story Wager for his weekly podcast. I had a great…

My Guest Spot on a Good Parts Podcast & further thoughts on POV

Firstly, I want to thank Nobilis, Helen E.H. Madden and Ann Regentin for inviting me to participate in their Good Parts erotica writing podcast on the subject of 1st and 3rd person POV in erotic writing. This is amazing threesome hosts a writing blog at http://thewritethreesome.blogspot.com/ and you can subscribe to their podcast at http://thegoodparts.libsyn.com/

Dark Garden – Podcasted

I’m back at his doorstep. This place I’ve sworn I’ll never return to. Many times.

I feel dirty, ugly, as I ring the bell, and uglier still when he answers the door wearing nothing but a pair of baggy trousers. His feet are bare, his hair disheveled, he hasn’t shaved in a while. He’s not handsome, or well built, or even particularly well hung and, worst of all, he has a laugh that makes me cringe. I do my very best not to make him laugh.

I have recorded and uploaded an audio version of Dark Garden. You can listen to it below, or visit my PodBean Page